Analysis of incrustations

A successful chemical rehabilitation is based on an analysis of well incrustations that enables to define a matching agent. We offer a free-of-charge and non-committal mineralogical analyses conducted in the laboratories of IML of the RWTH Aachen University since 1999.

The choice of rehabilitation agent has to fulfill the following requirements of the new technical standards DVGW W 130:

  • a high dissolution capacity within an acceptable period of time
  • a cost-effective ratio between the dissolved incrustations and the price of the agent required

The rehabilitation agent must not have a corrosive impact on the well lining materials or damage the calcium and silicium minerals of the gravel pack and the aquifer. Toxic (e.g. titanium) substances and those causing eutrophication (e.g. ascorbic or citric acids) are not to be applied either.

Bestandskontrolle: Filterschlitze nicht sichtbar Rohr mit Belag Verkrustung